Holy Hell
Holy Hell: A Catholic Boy’s Story

Religion brings some people peace and contentment. For Tom Larsen, his Catholic faith is the wellhead of his torment and misery. He learns early that his sexual feelings are seriously and hopelessly disordered. To act on them is a grievous sin that will gain him the same eternal damnation as murder. Seeing no other choice, he becomes a religious brother to escape his lust and to find God. Instead he finds himself and loses sight of God altogether. Inspired by a true story, Holy Hell paints an intimate and gripping portrait of what happens when a good Catholic boy discovers that he is gay. At the age of 15, Tom leaves his family on a journey that takes him to a cloistered religious institution in the Ozark foothills and ends up in the slums of St. Louis. We witness how a teenager who is told that he was born intrinsically evil, comes to terms with the idea that his only salvation is a life without human love and affection.

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